Green Chain Walk

Green Chain walkFairy Hill Park and the Tarn are both on the Green Chain Walk – find out more at

Green Chain Walk posts have been erected at both the Crossmead and Broad Lawn entrances. If you are interested in following this part of the route through Fairy Hill Park and The Tarn, follow the directions shown on their website.

At number 8 turn right and go along Southwood Road. Turn right into Parkview Road. Then keep going to the end of Parkview Road, this road turns left and meets Green Lane. Cross over Green Lane and go straight ahead along Broad Lawn. Keep going straight ahead and go into Fairy Hill Park. Follow the market posts, which take you through Fairy Hill Park and onto Crossmead.

At number 9 of the same section takes you on to The Tarn:- at number 9, keep going along Crossmead (Mottingham Station is at the end of this road). Then turn right at Court Road. Cross over the railway and turn right into The Tarn. Follow the market posts around the lake crossing the footbridge. The market posts take you out of The Tarn by the gate opposite Middle Park Avenue.