Playground Building Renovation

Playground buildingFrom our launch in late 2007, we realised if we were to improve the park and encourage community activities and events we would need a base to work from which was supplied with water, electricity and working toilets.

Our First Project was therefore to save the playground building from demolition, restore water and electricity supplies and renovate the vandalised toilets and kitchen. We are pleased to say that shortly after our establishment Greenwich Council not only stopped the building demolition but restored water and electricity to the building.

We then began renovating the playground building using mainly recycled or donated materials and using our own volunteer labour wherever possible.  We have installed a small kitchenette, renovated the boy’s toilets, repaired the leaking roof and are currently working on the vandalised girls toilets.

We worked on a limited budget raised from membership fees, donations and fundraising events which pay for extra equipment, tools and materials.

It’s not completed yet, we rely on the goodwill of our members and the local community to provide the required labour and skills. If you would like to help with any of our projects, please contact us for details.